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I don’t think I will buy it, though, if it can’t run PS1+N64 games smoothly. I’ve heard talks it can already run 2D PS1 games smoothly. Is that true? Anyway, the question is this: Is there any emulation on the making that would allow the running smoothly of PS1+N64 games? If there isn’t, or because it technically can’t, I think I will add a few quids and buy a DS Lite, seeing as it can run all emulations the Dingoo A320 can run. Sure, it also can’t run PS1 and N64 games, but it has some ported N64 games and the game library itself is very similar to that of the N64. So unless a PS1 and N64 emulation is on the works, I see it this way:

Dingoo 320: Some cool emulations.
Nintendo DS Lite: Same cool emulations, plus DS games.

So my choice would be obvious.

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    You seem to be answering your own question.

    PS1 – Slow even with no sound.

    N64 – No chance

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    Take it from me, the DSLite is a horrible, HORRIBLE option for trying to play most of the emulators the dingoo supports. It just barely runs SNES games, and your options are very limited. NES emulation is fine. For GBA you’ll need a seperate Slot 2 expansion. The Dingoo is 10x better as far as old school emuation goes.

    There’s no point in trying to make an N64 Emulator. Not enough buttons. I havent tried PS1, but I heard it doesnt run great. If you want to play those systems, stick to PC gaming. The dingoo is meant for old school systems.

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    Hmm just found out that even SNES games the Dingoo can’t run smoothly unless you instal Dingux, which in order to do that apparently you need to install Linux. Seems too much of a headache to me. Not to mention, what I also found, that the Dingoo doesn’t even come with GB/GBC emulator right out of the box, which is very, very dissapointing. Do anyone know what improvements will the A330 have? I’m willing to go without PS1 and N64 IF the 330 could run these emulators smoothly: (these are all I really care about)


    Also, wouldn’t the A330 have stronger hardware? because if that was the case wouldn’t it be possible to run PS1 games with sound?

    Also I’m a little alarmed by the price. If it was $50 (for a new device) I’d probably get the A320 now. Also, regarding the DS, even if it really can’t emulate that good, I still prefer DS games to all the systems I mentioned above…

    p.s. what is a “seperate Slot 2 expansion”?

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    All those systems you just mentioned run fine. NES runs perfect on native. There are some minor speed issues, but unnoticable for the most part. GBA also works great on native no problems thus far. SNES on dinugx runs almost perfect, but even snes9x has a little bit of lag on MMX, but setting the Frameskip to 2 seems to fix it for the most part. And gnuboy for dingux runs GB/GBC games just fine. And I have had some luck with the PSX emulator. Ive got FF7 running close to speed, but I think action games are out of the question. But as far as all the 8-32bit consoles are concerned this thing runs them no problem. For $80 you cant ask for much more.

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    I just wish the Dingoo came with GB/GBC emulator and with proper SNES emulator right our of the box… not too keen for the idea of Dingux… hmm actually I may buy it second-hand from e-bay… seen guys selling a Dingoo+Dingux+4GB MiniSD Card for $70.

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    hat is actually where I got mine from. I bought it from off ebay. It came preinstalled with firmware 1.2(not 1.22 which has bugs), dingux, gmenu2x, and a whole crap ton of crap. There were so many applications its not even funny, text editors, text readers, pdf reader, guitar tuner, random stupid s***. But it all deleted just fine and now I’m left with all that I need and I didnt have to fiddle with installing dingux myself. It did also come with ROMs on it, but half of them were in chinese so i just deleted them all and replaced them with my collections.

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    found some cool shit online… downloads including every gb/gbc/gba/nes/snes rom in existence- all under 8gb… that’s crazy… just imagine having the (almost) full libraries for all those systems in your hand… that’s actually quite insane I may even buy that shit

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