Snes Emulation Frameskip Settings

Firmware : V1.03
SFC emulator V1.0

Auto settings for the Snes emu are all over the place – games are running too fast eg Addams Family. Here are my best settings.

Game Frameskip
ActRaiser 2
Addams Family 0
Aero the AcroBat 1
Aero the AcroBat 2 1
Arkanoid 2
Axelay 2
Breath of Fire 1
Cannon Fodder 0
Castlevania – Vampire’s Kiss 3
Chaos Engine 1
Chrono Trigger 2
Chuck Rock 0
Congo Capers 1
Contra 3 1
Cosmo Gang Video 1
Cybernator 1
Darius Force 2
Darius Twin 1
Desert Strike 1
Diddy Kong Quest 1
Dixie Kong Double Trouble 1
Donkey Kong 1
Dropzone 0
Earthbound 1
Earthworm Jim 3
Equinox 2
Exhaust Heat 2
F-Zero 3
Final Fantasy III 1
Gokujou Parodius 2
Gradius 3 1
Harvest Moon 2
Imperium 1
Irem Major Title 2
Irem Skins Game 2
James Pond 1 2
James Pond 2 2
James Pond 3 2
Joe & Mac 2 2
Joe & Mac 3 2
Kikikaikai 2
Kirby’s Ghost Trap 3
Kirby’s Dream Course 2
Legend of the Mystical Ninja 1
Lemmings 1 1
Lemmings 2 1
Lufia 2 1
Mario All-Stars & World 2
Micro Machines 1
Micro Machines 2 1
Ms Pac-Man 0
Ninja Turtles 1
Pop’n’Twinbee 1
Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt 1
R-Type 3 2
Rainbow Bell Adventures 1
Secret of Evermore 2
Sensible Soccer 1
Smash TV 0
Sonic Wings 1
Spindizzy 0
SSF2 – The New Challengers 1
SSF2 – The World Warrior 1
Sunset Riders 1
Super Adventure Island 1 1
Super Adventure Island 2 1
Super Aleste 1
Super Metroid 1
Super Off Road 3
Super Pang 1
Super Putty 1
Super R-Type 1
Super Star Wars 1 1
Super Star Wars 2 1
Super Star Wars 3 1
Super Tennis 1
Super Turrican 2
Zelda – A Link to the Past 2
Zombies Ate My Neighbors 0
Zool 2

List of non-working games are here:

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9 comments on “Snes Emulation Frameskip Settings
  1. says:

    Google pocketsnes v2.2 and that has been running it along with a couple other games like Super Mario RPG

  2. says:

    I found after comparing the emulated version, at FS of 1 to the actual cartridge version, at FS 1 the emulation plays much slower, and if your looking for a more exact comparison to the original, i say using a fs of 2 and sometimes, “depending on your preference” 3, but this is my comparison/ opinion and could quite possibly be incorrect.

  3. says:

    S. Turrican II don’t run on the dingoo.
    I get only black screen.

  4. says:

    Yep – crashes after you press start. Must have copied the setting for Turrican 1.

  5. says:

    Great list, just curious about one thing. Is your audio on Final Fantasy 3 (or 6, whatever you want to call it) all F’ed up? This is one of the main reasons I got the damn Dingoo and the audio is unbearably distorted! The ROM works great on my computer’s emulator. :(

  6. says:

    Not so much a fix as a workaround. I’m playing the GBA version and my sound stutters occasionally too. This is what I do to get around it.

    When the game loads and asks you to “Push any button”, do so.
    The next screen should be language selection.
    Load your previous state.

    If I load the game any other time, I get annoying sound skipping. Like I said, this is for the GBA version. Your mileage may vary.

  7. says:

    Having Terranigma on the list is rather unnecessary considering the game glitches out almost 5 minutes into the game, but since you have it added onto the list perhaps you’ve discovered a way to play the game. In which case, I would desire to know how, since it is one of my favorite SNES games and im very eager to get it working.

  8. says:

    google pocketsnes v2.2

  9. says:

    it crashes when you go throught the blue door – never got that far.
    It also crashed ny machine and the Dingoo stopped seeing any files. Had to reformated the machine and re-install everyhing.

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