SMD BIN Win [Mega Drive/ Genesis ROM file converter – Windows ONLY!]

As I’m pretty new to the Dingoo scene, I was, until recently, unaware of the A320’s inability to play Mega Drive/ Genesis ROMs with the .BIN (or .MD) file extension(s). I have predicted that many users have had similar difficulties with their machines, and so I will post a helpful download link to a piece of rather useful file conversion software named SMD BIN Win:

Although the program does require a short installation prior to use, I have found it VERY easy to use, and recommend it to all emulation beginners.

NOTE: After the conversion of your ROMs, the program will place the converted files into its own folder. They can be located at: C (replace with the letter of you hard disk if required):/Program Files/CodeIsle/SMD BIN WIN/[ROM NAME].SMD

Have fun!

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    Many people want to play mega drive/ genesis Roms but everyone face difficulty in locating valid link. I felt happy that you looked forward to happy those people by providing that downloadable link but when I have clicked that link it shows error. I think file in the link is deleted so it is better if you again attach the file.

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    I provide the latest version here (scroll down for the download link):

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    Hey, was wondering what anyone would like to see improved in the next version (link below this post). I have not started coding the 3.0 final release due to other projects, so I’m open to suggestions.

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    Hey, I just thought I would let everyone know that the latest version (now renamed to the shorter SBWin) is available on my website here:

    It has lots of improved features and bug fixes (completely new user interface).

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    It sends the .SMD to a file that doesn’t exist! Annoying as h***!!

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    Broken link

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    Not quite sure what you mean by a file that doesn’t exist. If you are referring to the program not creating a file after conversion is complete, it could be due to operating system security. There is an issue with many programs on Vista where files will not be created if your program is not run as administrator. To fix this, simply right click on the SMD Bin Win executable and select “Run as administrator.”

    Hope that helps. By the way: you may wish to try the latest version, which will probably be out by next month (vast improvement).

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    Thank you for posting my application. Something I would like to add is that there is a new version out now (3.0b2).

    Another thing I will also add: the posted version also has the ability to change drives, as well as output paths, but it may be confusing to some. The new UI may be easier to use.

    About renaming files (as mentioned a few times before): yeah its true that it may work in some cases, but its not good practice (its like adding a jpg extension for a gif file).

    Some Romhackers need the raw data to edit the ROM. Only the BIN version provides the proper data format for easy ROM editing. SMD at the byte level is not BIN or MD/MGD.

    Also note: a ROM in SMD format has a slightly higher file size than that of its MD or BIN counterparts.

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    Using roms from goodgen 3.0, just renamed the file extension and all working correctly. There’s no conversion needed.

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    while just renaming .bin to .smd doesn’t work if you just do it to the file, if you compress it with winzip etc…. then open the archive, rename the .bin, to .smd then extract the file the change will indeed take affect, i had a huge problem getting soleil in a .smd format and after trying several times to remedy it, i found the method for converting odyessey 2 roms (check the posts for that emulator) and tried it, and much to my glee it worked, ?(then i found out that in the states soleil is known as cercy warriors, of which there are plenty of .smd roms, but hey ho, you live and learn).

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    Just renaming .bin to .smd seems to work for me too. This looks a bit unnecessary…

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    well it isnt, end of.

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    I understand that .SMD and .BIN files are actually different formats and not just different filenames. But on the other side of this, I have not once ever heard of renaming the rom not working, and I don’t believe there are that everyone who has ever tried it happened to pick a rom that had the wrong extension in the first place.

    What I think is going on here is that the native gen/md emulator actually supports both .SMD and .BIN, but it is only associated with the .SMD extension. As far as I can tell, every .SIM emulator you add to the dingoo basically associates one (and only one) extension with emulator, for example NES.SIM tells the dingoo that every time you select a .NES game to run it through NES.SIM. I think the SMD.BIN only opens .SMD files, but then checks to see if it is a .BIN or a .SMD and then loads it correctly.

    Another example of this would be the GB/GBC emulator, which supports both .GB (regular gameboy) and .GBC (gameboy color) roms. The emulator only recognizes the .GBC extension, but if you rename a .GB rom to .GBC it will load in that emulator.

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    A true SMD cannot simply be renamed. A .bin is a binary file, if you can simply rename your SMD, it is because the ‘SMD’ was actually a .bin that was renamed as an SMD. File extentions are only used for association, you can’t just rename a .wav to MP3 and excpect results. Therefore, this utillity serves a great purpose.

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    I’ve just been renaming the extensions of my roms and it works fine, so this doesn’t seem like it’ll be very useful.

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    Yeah I used this utility when I first got my Dingoo, but I have read so many reports from people that say you can just rename the rom that I believe ’em.

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    i take it your just renaming .gen files, not .bin, as .bin is an image file not a rom, and for the last time you cannot just rename a .bin file, if you have and it worked, it isnt a real .bin file.

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