Sega Master System and Game Gear emulators

Subzero just released a new version of the SMS / GG emulators with a screen bugfix for the a320.

over 80 percents of games can be run properly, that’all.

A = A
B = B
X = Start / Pause
^ = hard reset
Power = menu

Put the .sim files in the GAME root directory
Put some .sim or .gg games somewhere and launch them from your dingoo.

9 comments on “Sega Master System and Game Gear emulators
  1. says:

    Definite improvement on the video for on of my all-time favorite games : Shadowrun! Thanks!

    I notice the ‘installation’ instructions say to “put .sim or .gg files” anywhere. Isn’t it .smd (for Genesis) and .ggfor Game Gear)? Also, for some reason, I put a .gg file on my Dingoo and it doesn’t show up when browsing for ‘interesting games’. Anyone else notice this?

  2. says:

    Why would you map Start to X when there is a physical start button on the Dingoo?
    And why use power button for menu when all other use start+select?

  3. says:

    Because this app was created for the Gemei and not the dingoo.

  4. says:

    i think its a wip

  5. says:

    I knew there had to be something…

  6. says:

    thank you for a good emulator, but no sound, and no full screen , can you add it ?

  7. says:

    What are some other “games of death” such as russian roulette?

  8. says:

    use this emulator for GBA..and use Frameskip = 1

    some knacking static in the sound emulation but otherwise it works like a charm!

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