Odyssey2 / Videopac+ Emulator

O2EM A320 is an Odyssey2 / Videopac+ emulator for the Dingoo A320. It’s a port of the O2EM emulator for the Dingoo native OS (no linux installation needed). A text with instructions is included in the archive. The Odyssey2 (known as Videopac in Europe) was an old game console released at about the same time as the Atari 2600.

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  1. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Most of the games play pretty well. However this game does not play correctly, as you are pretty much stuck in the middle of the screen and can not move forward or backward.. just fire from there.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this?

  2. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Great emulator!

    The Odyssey 2 might not have been as popular as the other machines of the late 1970s, such as the Atari 2600 or the Intellivision, but it has a handful of good games. Check out K.C. Munchkin, Killer Bees (better than it sounds), or UFO!

    Don’t forget that the ROM files must be unzipped and have .O2 as a file extension.

  3. dingoo-digital.com says:

    can someone post one working rom from they dingoo or tell me what i’m doing wrong, i put the .sim file in the game folder (were the other ones are) then i unzipping the roms and changing the .bin to .o2 and put them in a folder named Odyssey 2 inside the game folder, but they don’t show up.

    so then i tried changing the .zip to .o2, still didn’t work.

    then i tried changing the extenion to .o2 but keeping it a bin file but still no luck 🙁

    someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Are you changing the extension to .02 in winrar before you unzip them?

    I have found this seems to be the only way to change the extension and make them into .02 files.

  5. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Can’t use winrar i’m on a mac :s

    i’ll see if i can find a program that lets me change the extension inside the zip

    Thanks for the help

  6. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Is it possible to “Select Game” as the title screen suggests for roms that come with more than one game?

    There are many multi game roms that apparently only play one of the games in it and I cannot find any way to select the others.


  7. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Again thanks … still LOVING playing space monster.

    I think crod is right both joysticks are mapped to the controls – Any chance of a version where just player 1 joystick is mapped to the dingoo?

    Many thanks

  8. dingoo-digital.com says:

    How can I start a 1 player game with this emulator?

    Every time that I start a new game I control both player 1 and player 2…..

    And that is not a whole lot of fun….

  9. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Wow this is a throwback to many many years ago!!! Absolutlely fantastic! Memories (good ones) flooded back! Many Many thanks!

    One question some of the games, start differently depending on the key pressed on the G7000. Something (I think we are currently unable to do). Is it possible to build in an “overlay” keyboard like the sound control?

    Many thanks again!

  10. dingoo-digital.com says:

    If anyone has a whole-in-one package of O2 ROMs please upload and send a link. It’s quite annoying downloading the roms from The Old Computer one by one 😀 .

  11. dingoo-digital.com says:

    What you have to do is change the games from .bin to .o2 files whilst they are still zipped then when you unzip them they are no longer BIN files they are now O2 files and the emulator will recognise them and play them. Took a bit of sussing out but they now work. hope this helps.

  12. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Out of curiosity, what is Dingoo’s native OS?

    I understand that a lot of things can be done using Linux on the Dingoo, but does anyone know what porting the best emulators (MAME, SNES9x, a Genesis emulator, VICE, UAE etc.) would imply? Is it an OS that was programmed from scratch (would be quite an accomplishment). I’d say it derived from another OS (a *BSD, maybe?).

    I’ll get mine in two weeks and already feel the urge to play Out Run (System 16, well supported by MAME) and a few C64 and Amiga games on it. I hope that porting to the native OS is easy! 🙂


  13. dingoo-digital.com says:


    The native Operating System of the Dingoo A320 is µC/OS-II[1], a low-cost priority-based pre-emptive real time multitasking operating system kernel for microprocessors, written mainly in the C programming language. It is mainly intended for use in embedded systems. All official software for the Dingoo A320 (including its emulators) run on µC/OS-II.

    (from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dingoo)

  14. dingoo-digital.com says:

    This is sweet! Great work! Please for the love of god, someone do up an Atari 2600 emulator! PLEASE! But, while we wait, this will do nicely!

  15. dingoo-digital.com says:

    I haven’t tested the emulator yet, because I am in the office now.

    But i have a question: What about the keyboard commands, sometimes necessary to some games? Can some keyboard buttons be mapped?

  16. dingoo-digital.com says:

    “You must rename each game so that it ends with the “.o2″ suffix, in
    order to allow the games to be recognized by the emulator and appear in the
    A320 menus.”

    So far it’s working well. Thanks



  17. dingoo-digital.com says:

    I tried renaming the bin from inside the zip ( doesn’t show up). I tried renaming the zip itself( shows up and attempts to load). But I have no luck at all with this one.

    Got any pointers? BTW I did get the from the site you linked.

  18. dingoo-digital.com says:

    unzip the rom first, then rename the .bin file as .o2

  19. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Next time try to open the rom with the Notepad, and, then, “Save as”, selecting all files type, then save it as “Whatever-rom.o2”.

    My ROMs were recognized, but the emulator haven’t worked.

  20. dingoo-digital.com says:

    If you’re running a Windows-based system, the easiest way to rename them is to do it from the command line.

    Create a directory in the root of your C: drive called TEMP. Copy all the bin files that you want to convert into that directory (and only the bin files).

    Next, go to the Start Menu, go to “Run…”, and type this: cmd

    A command line box will open.

    Once there, go to the TEMP directory you created by typing the following command:

    cd \TEMP

    Now, renaming the extension will be simple. Just type this, exactly as written (take note of the spaces between the words):

    rename *.bin *.o2

    That’s all you need to do.

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