NeoGeo MVS converter – english version

his is the partly english translated version of the MVS convert version 1.3

Use this application to decrypt your neogeo games from ZIP format to MVS files.

1. Click on Open
2. Browse to the .ZIP file/s of the game/s you want to convert
3. Click Convert to convert the game/s.

If all goes well, you should have some MVS files in the directory. If some chinese text appear and no MVS files was found, the conversion failed. This happens to some of the NEOGEO games.

3 comments on “NeoGeo MVS converter – english version
  1. says:

    the download link doesn’t respond.

    mirror link is alway busy

    who can upload it on an other platform?

  2. says:

    Seems to do the conversion process just fine.

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