Neo Geo on Dingoo Question…

Please read everything before flaming me.

Here’s my problem. I have downloaded the rom for the Neo Geo game Waku Waku 7 multiple times from multiple sources along with other Neo Geo games to test the emulator on the Dingoo. Had no conversion problems with this game ( did with some others, but found that those games where known to have conversion problems ) and moved it onto my Dingoo. Every time I run a Neo Geo game on the Dingoo the graphics look jumbled and undistiguishable, however text shows up fine. The start up NEO GEO sign is correct but any images after that, other than plain text, are not. I have tried deleting the emulator the system came with and installing a downloaded copy of it in its place. Same problem. I seeked out and found a newer Neo Geo emulator that claims to work on the Dingoo and tried it, but with the same results. see if you want to see the second emulator. I would think my hardware is bad but everything else in the system runs as good as expected. For example the CPS2 roms look great with the normal slowdown in game play speed. I have seen no one else complain of this issue, so now I am asking for help.

Thanks for any information that may be Provided!

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    your game folder need to contain both mvs.sim and not extract) re-download here the other mvs emulator is just a mod of the default emulator with the test switches enabled(for turning on/off blood and such). also going in to your mvs config folder(located inside the folder where you put your roms)and delete all the .ini files don’t worry they will be remade automatically. this should help make sure your roms are on the compatibiility list . hope this solves your problem.

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    the problem is most of the rom sets ar not working ..

    the only one that working for me is the neo geo perfect arcade set ^^

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    Iam totally new to this little machine and dont know how to get the neo geo roms working !

    any kind person help me ?

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    Search for and download this. Neo-Geo Arcade Perfect Set (20080101)

    For some reason the roms in this set all work as they should. Plus the set has all the Neo Geo roms in one pack.

    Thanks for all the help from people on these forums!

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    The Neo-Geo roms from Rom World ( also work. However, for whatever reason they aren’t listed in the “Neo Geo” section, so you have to find them by name in the MAME section.

    Every Neo Geo rom that I have on my system (except Metal Slug 3) came from that site, and they all work.

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    what site did you find that at?

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    If you play NEO GEO on MAME then it should work on Dingoo unless you done with convert the files.

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    i have downloaded the neogeo rom from rom world

    should i have it in zip format or change the zip to mvs?

    do i need to convert?

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    I seem to be having a problem with the BIOS.

    I have converted the roms properly, and from multiple sources, but when I try playing them, I get this error: “BIOS not found” The MVS.SIM is in the GAME directory, the roms are in GAME\MVS\ and the config folder is empty. What am I missing? I haven’t found a place that says “You need to dl a Bios and put it here…” is that the procedure?

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    Okay, I am try make this clear for you, DO NOT UNZIP the and leave it alone where suppose be and it make everything work for emulator. Second ROMS ZIP need to convert and you should see file end .mvs then put in MVS Folder and it should work and if not then it might be bad roms or Emulator just a early verison. It is not easy to find them. Good Luck.

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    i have converted super sidekicks 4 roms and converted the zip file to .mvs and when i start the game on the dingoo, they ask me to select bios type. all the bios dont seem to work the graphics dont come out.

    Any help for this?

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    Apparently none of the soccer games run correctly. Neither does Neo Turf Masters, I love that game.

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    haha i tried super sidekicks and virtua striker two of my all time favourite soccer games and they cant work anyway i have to make do with the ones on the neo geo list. They seem to be working. tecmo soccer is ok, used to play it at the arcade back in the 90’s!!

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    Neo Turf Masters works fine. I played it for a while last week.

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    you need a file called it should of came on the dingoo when you got it but you can re download it from this site under the download section click emulators then scroll down to default emulators and download it will be in that file after you extract it but do not extract leave it zipped and put it in the game folder in your dingoo. this will solve the bios problem

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    Got it, thanks guys! 😛

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    or just watch my vid on youtube about neo geo conversion for the dingoo under profile 505mcasias.

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    The Neo-Geo roms from Rom World ( also work.

    Hey that is great advice. The ROMs I found somewhere else would open and run fine with Windows emulators but not the Dingoo native emulation. These versions at ROM-WORLD run fine after conversion.

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    Okay, I have a bunch of ROMs with the MVS extention, I have the mvs.sim emulator and I have the unzipped file in the same folder with them. It still won’t worj though! The first time I try the new ROMs it started loading, gave me the error message about missing BIOS, but adding the hasn’t helped like I thought it would. Any suggestions?

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    Hi, I’m new to the Dingoo community !

    So far about everything I tried to use worked (except for GBC games but I don’t really care) but I really can’t seem to get the Neogeo emulator to work..

    I have the same “BIOS not found” problem people complained about on this topic and several others. I downloaded .mvs ROMS from a Dingoo pack but they won’t work, I tried downloading ROMS from romworld and converting them but I still have the “BIOS not found screen”…

    I don’t understand what’s wrong. The MVS.sim file is in the GAME directory as well as the archive…

    I tried deleting the .ini files in the config directory (when they already exist I don’t get the BIOS not found screen, only a loading screen and then it goes back to the explorer) but it changed nothing…

    I really don’t understand, I hope you guys can help me! Maybe someone could upload or send me a .mvs rom that works on your Dingoo? Thanks in advance

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    thanks mate – mine didnt have this file so all working now 🙂

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