Native Colecovision emulator!

Hi, little post to say that now, here is a Coleco emulator for Dingoo. You don’t need Linux to use it, it’s a native Dingoo SIM file.
Put ColecOO.SIM in your GAME directory. Put your .COL games where you want.
Use “Interesting game” from Dingoo menu and choose your .COL file, the emu will launch with the game
Again, i used s2d sdk to make this emulator because i can’t do some nice sound without it.
You can see my webpage about it here : ColeCOO For Dingoo. Also, the website is in French

4 comments on “Native Colecovision emulator!
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    this new 2.0 version runs a lot better…thanks for your hard work…Much better speed…

  2. says:

    I really liked the old Colecovision; it was a great machine in its day and has a lot of good arcade game ports.

    Version 1.0 seems to run most of the Coleco ROMs that I’ve thrown at it, perhaps with 80 or 90% of normal speed.

    Update: version 2.0 has just been released!!

    It’s faster, has better sound, and more accurate controls. I highly recommend getting the newer version.

    If you’ve never played with a Colecovision, check it out: it came out in the early 80s and blew away the older consoles like Atari or Intellivision. Coleco was smart and licenced lots of games from the smaller arcade game makers, so you can find some great arcade conversions for it like Zaxxon, Pepper II, Frenzy, Space Fury, etc. Once of my favorite old games is Tapper, and Colecovision probably had the best version for any home console or computer.

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    nice job, but the games do run a bit slow…Maybe better optimization of the code…Lady Bug is way slow for example…

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    I had the same problem, so I tried a GBA emulator called Cologne. The converted games take up more space (a 16k rom might be 300k in Cologne) — certainly not a big deal in a gigabyte world, but they play and sound better. You can find Cologne here:
    You will need to add your own BIOS to run it. You can find three versions of Coleco BIOS in the Coleco rom section of Hope that helps.

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