My JXD300 Review

OK, I will have you know I do NOT have a Dingoo yet. I will be buying one in the coming months. I did however just buy a JXD300 and I figured, since everyone is in an uproar as to which is better, I’d give an HONEST review of how a JXD300 woks. I’m doing this because I noticed someone here (probably from promoting the JXD300 and trashing the Dingoo. Well, I’m bout to rip him a new a$$hole because the JXD300 isn’t as good as he said it was.

Here’s my review

The package: I ordered my JXD300 (2gb white version) from for $57.91 w/ the FREE S&H option on Aug 01 and it arrived Aug 15. So, roughly there was a 2 week waiting period with the FREE S&H option. The box itself was all bent up, but I didn’t give a sh!t seeing as how it was air mailed from China and I sorta expected that. everything in the box was in tact and fine though. It came with a pair of white headphones (ipod style) and instruction manual in chinese/engrish (funny as sh!t) and a USB charger with small USB cord to charge the system and transfer files on/off the flash drive of the system. Although I’ve only ever seen a 2gb and 4gb version of this PMP available, on the back of the box it has a check box for an 8gb version as well. I wonder if there really is or WILL BE an 8gb version?

NES emulation – Comes preloaded with 2 Jap games: Poo-Yan and F1 Grand Prix. Emulation seems perfect, sound is OK, doesn’t seem to move slow at all. All-in-all emulation is perfect (as stated by others)

Games tested: Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3, Megaman 6, Air Fortress

SNES emulation – If the sound is on, gameplay is about 1 second off. In other words, emulation moves at about 1 second slower than normal. If the sound is off, emulation is about 1/2 a second slower than normal. A slight improvement but still not perfect. SOUND IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE… seriously!… it’s like electronic screeching and will drive you mad. The funny part is everywhere you read about the JXD300, they don’t mention that this machine even emulates SNES. Well it does and strangely enough, the SNES roms have to be placed in the same folder as NES roms… kinda weird, especially if you have a ton of roms for both systems, it’ll take a while to navigate to it. All-in-all, YES, it is PLAYABLE and NO it’s not even close to perfect or full speed.

Games tested: Super Mario All-Stars+World, Super Punch-Out, Pop ‘n Twinbee: Bell Adventure

P.S. There was a rumor that this device has no R/L shoulder buttons… not true… it has both shoulder buttons and they work from what I’ve seen.

GBA emulation The system came preloaded with 4 Japanese games: Prince of Tennis, World Soccer Winning 11, Spider-Man, and Gunstar Super Heroes (fun game!!!). Interestingly enough, despite reading the GBA emu on the JXD300 was bad, everything seemed to work great! I didn’t notice any lag time on emu. Everything seemed to run at full speed including sound. The sound would maybe jerk here and there but not even to a point worth complaining. So, overall, GBA emulation is GREAT. I’ll have to test some more games on this to see how things are.

SMD/Sega Genesis emulation. Came preloaded w/ 5 Jap games. I don’t know what any of them are because the titles are in Chinese. From what I saw, it plays these games fine. Sound is fine and there doesn’t seem to be any lag in emulation speed. Please keep in mind I was only playing the preloaded games which had Chinese titles so I have no clue what games they were. I will offer up more info as I load up some Sega games to test it. The funny part is everywhere else I read that it emulates SMD horribly, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case so far

The buttons: The buttons take some getting used to. They are somewhat tacky, as in it doesn’t have that smooth pressable feeling you’d get from a REAL SNES controller. Placement seems to be fine, not awkward. There is a 1/2 a second to 1 second lag time upon pressing a button within the menu, so you kinda have to time your fingers to get that “smooth transistion” feel while navigating the menu. This “lag time” doesn’t happen when you’re playing games though.

Some buttons have a double function. This can be frustrating depending on what program you’re using. For example: When I use the FM Radio, and I’m in the menu to save a station, the navigation buttons on the left also operate as volume buttons. So, when you press a button, it will either go up or down or adjust the volume, you never know which one! So sometimes you’ll have to press a button 2 or 3 times to get it to do EXACTLY what you want

The Radio: The radio SOUNDS pretty good. The clarity of the signal goes in and out depending on where you move the player (as expected with ANY radio). A problem I have though is that when you do the “Auto Search” (for stations), it’ll save the station, but it’ll also save the number next to it. For example: There is a station here called 98.5 KLUC, well it’ll save that but it’ll also save 98.4. Your best bet is to manually save the stations as to avoid this problem. The dual functionality of the buttons as states in my button review above plagues the radio functions 😛 Overall, the radio is GREAT.

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    Camera: It came with 5 beautiful pics installed. I beleive this unit only supports JPEG. OK well the good news is the camera shoots large with 320×240, 640×480, and 1280×720 options I think… the bad news is the pics look like total crap… i tested the 3 lighting levels: cloudy, sunny, auto… and no matter what the pix looked like crap.. i tested at long range and up close, and they still looked like crap. Adjusting the res higher only adds color extra noise to the picture and doesn’t help. this thing would be good as a photo album as it uses preexisting pix and puts them in a multi-changing slideshow… but like i said, as far as taking pics… not a good idea 😛 Sad really because you’d expect more out of a 1.3 MP cam.

    Note: the camera and photos are in 2 seperate sections. This is kinda weird because if you take a picture, you have to navigate backwards and into the pics folder and to delete the photo you just took, you have to view the pic and press the right side square button to delete and confirm delete before the pic is gone! That’s a bit much just to delete a photo! And you have to delete them 1-by-1 and view them all to delete… unless you’re connected to a PC and delete/view them from there.

    E-Book Reader: This was suprisinmgly cool. It came loaded with 5 ebooks, all in Chinese so I had to delete them obviously. But it has a page turning navigation, and smooth auto scrolling option. It’s a pretty cool way to read and it’s easy! And you can bookmark your progress! Supports txt files. I’ll need to test other formats later.

    Video Player: Came preloaded with:

    a vob file (a 14 sec clip of a parrot and the ocean), looked beautiful,

    an rmvb file, listed at 1280×720 HD. Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift trailer. There were alot of fast moving screens and no pixellation that I saw so that’s promising!, and it looked pretty damn good

    an avi file, full screen, “Ice Age” trailer. Had beautiful colors. The rmvb and vob looked slightly better but there’s no way to tell why. Maybe the encoding. I’ve read alot elsewhere that the avi has sync issues. I’ll have to test this to see if it’s true.

    Overall a very good video player.

    Confirmed working/not working games on the JXD300:


    NES: Most everything works I tested.

    NES games that do NOT work A very big dissapointment however was that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! didn’t work at all!!! 🙁 I was HIGHLY looking forward to emulating this but I tested out this game with 10 different roms, some of them didn’t work at all and the ones that did would only play the initial starting game bell… but before the title screen even comes on the game shuts off and goes back to menu. Most of the hacked multi-game roms (100-in-1, 30-in1 type roms) didn’t work at all either. Also, I think games with special chips in them don’t work. No version of Mr. Gimmick would work on this. Some games will say “Format not supported” in those cases. But for now I’d say 90% of all NES games work.

    GBA: GBA games are a 50/50 shot. I can confirm most of the Super Mario Advance games work (thank god!). Donkey Kong Country 3 works. Most side scrolling games work like Crash Bandicoot, Shrek, Megaman Zero 4, Ty the Tazmania Tiger, and Shrek games work. Strangely enough, it has a prob with puzzle games like Panel de Pon/Dr. Mario and Puzzle Fighter 2, Puzzle League and racing games like Crash Nitro Cart

    GBC: Gameboy Color games seem to work flawlessly so far. I tested Super Mariod Bros. DX and Wario Land 2 and they both worked at full speed

    I have yet to test gameboy games and sega games but I’l get to it

    WARNING: If you have a bad rom loaded onto the system, there is a chance your whole system will freeze and you’ll have to press the micro Reset button on the bottom left to get back to the main menu, nothing else will work!

    More updates coming later!

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    hey, sorry for my english but IMHO one important thing i love on dingoo is that its not a rip off of some commercial console. yeah it looks similar to half of NDS but still its original and not a rip off (except menu). And JXD300? besides its functions its bad and cheap, horrible design rip off of psp and if i have one i will really feel ashamed on public that i dont have money on original psp.

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    What about gaming performance on the CPS1 , CPS2 and NEOGEO?

    Will like to know more.

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    A JXD300 & JXD1000 is way better in Emulation (Sound Turned Off) than the Dingoo’s *NATIVE EMULATORS*, its reality you might hate it cause its clone body as a psp, but its pretty great on Emulation(no modding required- well duhh nobody has yet done anything to it since there isn’t any SDK for it) anyways…. Screen, Videos/Music, Analog Button & TV Out its remarkably good. And let’s not forget the JXD1000 has bigger screen (yes it stretches a bit, but it doesn’t bother one bit) & 8gb internal HD. And yes I have tested the comparison with a Friends Dingoo(he also has dingux/overclocking, but no comparison there *only Native Emulation)

    Where does the JXD blows(sucks), Button Mapping on the GBA & SNES but no matter what it runs really great, and all the other emulators are perfect(GB/GBC/NES/SMD)

    Dingoo woops its butt on where… OBVIOUSLY ***DINGUX***(ton’s of better emulation & more stuff), it has more Native Emulators CP1/CP2/NEO, overclocking,l button mapping/frameskip its in the GUI Changable in which on a JXD you have no option for it & ta da da daaaa SDK is available so yeah people can make Homebrew for it 😉 SO yeah that is why I ordered a Dingoo, just to enjoy Homebrew & Dingux.


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    Analog nub?? are you sure that it have an analog nub?

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    Yes it does have it & it works all over in the Device.

    Look at this picture below to see the analog stick(just exactly as a PSP)

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    I sure wish it had a PSX emulator, so what’s the analog stick for?

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    Is as a D-Pad functionality through all the Device *GUI & Playing any Emulator*

    So yeah, I hope a new Dingoo comes out having it as well, by the way PSX emulator is already available in the Dingoo.. its just simply Extremely Slow(about 2-3fps)… not playable (no sufficient hardware to boost it enough)

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    I bought a JXD1000 off eBay a few days ago. I am very happy with my Dingoo, but I was curious about the JXD and had some credit in my PayPal…

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    Honestly you will love 10x more obviously your Dingoo because you can do so much more with it, JXD flaw…. no homebrew scene.. ofcourse no SDK available…. pretty sure its stuck on how it came. Now I read around the web some came with more issues on buttons in emulation like 2 player games are not playable because the *Start button acts for 1st & 2nd player at the same time yu turn out controlling both players (ex: Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, etc.. – it happens on SNES & Genesis) as for my case I got lucky that I didn’t have that issue, just the normal as always of JXD buttons mapping are random.

    If SDK were available for the JXD definately t would be great experimentation with the device, since it has more *HD space & more buttons available.

    I bought the JXD like wise curious about it, same had spare money on paypal… I was already playing allot my neighbors Dingoo so I bought the JXD to test something different… now I ordered a Dingoo for my self just to have one(I preffer the Dingoo because of its Open-Source capabilities & support).

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