MVS Converter rom audit dat file

This is Romcenter/Clrmame dat file for building full neogeo romset ready to convert with MVS converter v.1.3.
Dat file 100% match internal converter data.

MD5: 1A8B2FC8AFA68AC900A5C8AF1B7E57B0

8 comments on “MVS Converter rom audit dat file
  1. says:

    One more link to download. Unlimited on rapidshare (i hope).

  2. says:

    Can you give us some instuctions how to convert normal romsets to full neogeo romset?

  3. says:

    Find these sets:
    Neo-Geo Arcade Perfect Set (20090105)
    MAME 0.128 Rollback ROMs

    From them you can build romset for converter (will miss only 2-3 small roms).

  4. says:

    Instructions is found in the .txt file in the archive.

  5. says:

    You call those “Whats in archive” and “What to know” instructions?
    Give me a break!
    Please post some real and easy to follow instructions

  6. says:

    Dude what instructions you need?
    Description clearly says what is this. It is Romcenter/Clrmame dat file.
    Goto or to – these two are known as ROM Managers – they are used to check/clean/build/rebuild romsets. For that job programs need datainfo know as .dat – so there is dat.
    Go read to above two sites. After this if you have any dificulties or questions ask here.

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    I got RomCenter 3.31 and loaded the .dat file you gave, selected a zip file for a rom and clicked the “fix selected item” button, it gave another zip file with a different name, put that file in the same dir as MVSv1.3m-console.exe, convert, error.

    “Could not open file (SOUND1)

    Could not load program rom (v rom)”

    If I try the original zip file, it says the extension zip isn’t good. What am I doing wrong?

    EDIT: Ok, I read the FAQ on the MVS, finally got the thing to convert with no errors, it spits out a .mvs file, and I take that and just put it in \GAME\MVS\ boot it and it says “Please wait…” for a second before returning to the menu screen. Any suggestions? Is there a better place I should put the .mvs files? Thanks!

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