MVS Converter 1.3 modified – English version

his is an english translation of ilhan’s contribution

MVS converter for dingoo-A320 is based on NJ emulator package for Playstation portable.
Converter is have hardcoded in it romset data (crc values of roms). This not allow to convert some custom made romsets – converter just do not recognize them.

In internal logic converter program still read rominfo.mvs data, but in last stage of conversion it add hardcoded in exe data to generated .mvs file.

So i made little mod to exe – in this mod it read rominfo.mvs and add required data to generated .mvs file – in this case it is correctly recognized by A320 MVS emulator.

1. MVSv1.3m.exe – converter mod – read from rominfo.mvs file except hardcoded data.
rominfo.mvs is 100% ripped from original MVS converter.

2. MVSv1.3m-console.exe – converter mod with console window enabled.
Console give more info on conversion process.

– You need to press key on console window after some messages.
– Some messages is from original NJ PSP converter – so just ignore them.

5 comments on “MVS Converter 1.3 modified – English version
  1. says:

    I’m looking for a CPS3 Converter. Thank you !!

    Sorry my english is not perfect !!

  2. says:

    Hi Mate, I downloaded this and tried to get 3count and netal slug 4, preisle 2 working by using this convertro but I get the same result, they don’t work on the A320. what am I doing wrong. Have you got a similar convertor for cps2, I really want to play marvel vs street fighter, and SF gem.
    Keep up the good work, this is the best As320 forum out there

  3. says:

    Hi. This topic is discussed here:
    Try putting the ROM files in the same folder as the .exe

  4. says:

    I have noticed that the file name when it is converting matters. I couldn’t have spaces in the names or have them be to long.

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