Looks like JinXing Digital is pumping up the game with thier new V3, an easy alternative for the Dingoo. Not trying to slam any Dingoo users (isn’t everyone one?), but this is just more to my appeal. A screen the size of a PSP… The ability to emulate GBA, GBC, GB, NES, SMD, SMC, BIN, and SWF… I will have this in my hands, hopefully sometime during the summer! If anyone own this, could we get a review?




Join sightlight and davdud101 in the attempt to reprogram the JXD V3 for better emulation at http://dingoo-digital.com/forums/developers-c

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  1. dingoo-digital.com says:

    i have it. the divice hardware is really nice!!! but the firmware and emulator are trash trash…lots of GBA games dont start up and none of them save. snes games save but is kinda slow and not enough buttoms… overal its a wonderful portable..if someone could do a completly new firmware and emulators from scratch the divice would be worth like 400 hundred dollars no kidding. the divice in hardware is better than the dingoo but the firmware is trash!

    also they say u can upgrade it and give updates to it but the dont say where to get them or anything…someone please make a better firmware for this!! this HAS the power to emulate lots of this at full frame rate but its just that there is in this such a lack in support on software…i can help on remaking the firmware with graphics and stuff…i dont know how to program at all. help? no help? 🙁

  2. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Man, the only reason I’d’ve got this was for GBA, Genesis/Megadirve, and SNES. But with it having the potential to be amazing, it might be worth learning a couple hundred thousand lines of code for! I’ll see what kind of help I can be.

  3. dingoo-digital.com says:

    i made another review of the jxd on youtube, when it finishes procesing i will post url ( http://www.youtube.com/user/sightlightx )

    EDIT: let me re film it…its longer than 10 minutes :

    EDIT 2:The refilmed video is procesing…As soon as its availible i will post url

  4. dingoo-digital.com says:

    sorry for double posting…

    here is the url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS0ufvYIgwQ

    if someone was able to post the dingo firmware to this…OMG….

  5. dingoo-digital.com says:

    You know what, I saw your first review a couple of days ago before i made this massage! this would be beautiful if some of the programmers got together and messed around! you wanna get a team together?

  6. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Yes. I can do graphics. what u think? what can ya do? we’ll need to find coders?

    Note: on friday i will be getting a curgery because i have double vision.

  7. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Wait… in which eyes?

    However, I’m mainly a graphic artist, I have very little real coding expirience, but a little in GameMaker 6.0. I’ll find a developers forums.

  8. dingoo-digital.com says:

    The JXD looks fkn sweet. If it emulated NeoGeo, then I’d be in!!!!!!

  9. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Doesn’t JCD V3 have playlist shuffle option? at least i didn’t find it…

  10. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Ok so if we port the Dingoo firmware on to the JXD V3 won’t that change the menu layout which looks pretty sweet to me.

    NatDuv, you guys rock

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