Gmenu2x ported to Dingux

Are you ready for some awesomeness? Joyrider has ported the gmenu2x front-end to dingux! This is much easier to use than dmenu, dinguxmb and the like. No need to edit config files etc when you add new programs to Dingux. There are also various skins/themes already available too.
(note – the first screenshot is taken from Wiz/GP2X)


Quote from: Joyrider

“I ported gmenu2x to dingux, it has all the features of the original gp2x menu working and I fixed 2 small bugs in the original code (dealing with new links that didn’t show correctly). I also added battery reading and a LCD Backlight setting, made the volume changing work and a few other things. Gmenu2x also has various skins/themes already available. “A few notes :

The menu needs to be placed in /boot/local/gmenu2x (and no other place, the zip already contains the gmenu2x folder so just extract to /boot/local).

You’ll also have to edit the /boot/local/sbin/main script if you want this to be your default menu !

The scanning feature looks for *.dge files, if you have games / applications with another extension you’ll have to add it manually (in the menu itself, not through config files)

Release Thread =!

10 comments on “Gmenu2x ported to Dingux
  1. says:

    Gmenu2x has great demand in the market since it is new it has huge demand it is also said that Gmenu2x is much easier then dmenu so people want to have Gmenu2x ported to dingux. Thanks for sharing downloadable link with us persons interested in Gmenu2x can download it from the link not only this person who doesn’t know anything about Gmenu2x can learn lot about this from the link shared by Hellsing.

  2. says:

    I find gmenu2x cool, but how do I switch off my dingoo when I am in gmenu2x. On another site someone wrote that there must be a new shutdown script ”shutdown.dge”. Where can I find this script ?

  3. says:

    Make sure you have the newest rootfs (Eltas rootfs works for me). Also make sure you main code looks like this.

    cd /boot/local/gmenu2x

    You will need Notepad 2 to edit your main. Regular notepad won’t work. Search it on google and download it from cnet if you don’t have it already.

    This is the way I did it after i downloaded gmenu2x.

    Thank you trilbymonkey for uploading it here.

    Thank you very much Joyrider. Gmenu2x is much better than dmenu and much easier to use.

  4. says:

    Hey, guys.

    I’m very new to this gmenu2x.

    1. It doesn’t seem to recognize any of my games. For example, I placed my SNES ROMs in the snes9x folder and changed the suffix to .dge, but that doesn’t work.

    2. I made a new folder in the sections folder and put my shutdown.dge and reboot.dge scripts in there. However, those won’t be recognized either. The scripts are still found in the found dge folder, and they work. It’s just that they won’t be placed where I want them to.

    How do you make your gmenu look like those in the screen shots?

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    Does anyone know if this will fix the non-working select = mode function in the current MD emulators? Even the updated double buffer MD emulator has this problem. Currently, all MD games are only 3 button, no 6 button ability … sucks for Street Fighter etc. I was rather surprised when i got my dingoo and noticed this….

  6. says:

    i need a step by step manual how to install gmenu2x on my dingoo a320, i have tried avrything now but i just failing :( i have search in many hour now :/ i need a step by step manual to do this :)

    i hope someone can help me with this :)

  7. says:

    Damn looks hot…can’t wait to get Dingux!

  8. says:

    Here’s a copy with the updated Main file, also a 32×32 set of DekUI icons. Just extract straight to the SD card.

    (Copy + paste the link into the address bar, for some strange reason it comes up as deleted file if you click it… odd…)

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