Gameboy Color Emulator v1.0 beta (English Version)

Here’s an unworthy translation from me. Not everything get translated though since I’ve only got Dingoo to tested with. It’s not an accurate translation but still reasonable by its functionality because I prefer to use another wording. To access the Emulator’s Menu, press the Power key after the game is loading (Select+Start was not implemented for it).

The emulator was created for Gemei x760+ but also worked on Dingoo A-320 with some limitations.

Also, I like to request to someone who is capable to create a “Volume/Sound Patch” to the emulator (from 84% to 20%) if it is possible. It is a little bit annoying to keep doing these steps [Start a game -> access the Menu -> Turn off sound -> access the Menu -> increase the Sound Volume] every time I’m going to use it. Or If you’re a Gemei x760+ user, may I know if you could keep the Sound Volume settings. If yes, would you mind to share its created file settings?

And yes, I’m aware there’s Goomba which is far better in emulating the Gbx games.

Renamed any game with .gb extension to .gbc or the emulator won’t recognize it.

Get the patches for any non-working games (Super Gameboy) here. and read all the posts below for some important issues.

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To any newbie, there’s a far better emulator ported by Joyrider and any of you should download it, click on the link below:

Dingoo Gnuboy (no Paw fix!) or Dingoo Gnuboy.

Note: Delete the Gameboy Color Emulator v1.0 beta files (gbc.sim, gbc.dat, hw.dat and any related files) if you’re about to use the Gnuboy emulator. It’s obsolete anyway…

22 comments on “Gameboy Color Emulator v1.0 beta (English Version)
  1. says:

    I just recieved my Dingoo, and with GNUBOY.SIM I can see the ROMs but it freezes once i click on the ROM, and I tried the old GBC.SIM and that jsut buzzed at me very loudly. Any help?

  2. says:

    I’m really pleased with this. Once I renamed my .gb files so they were .gbc, it played every Gameboy and Gameboy Colour ROM I tried. There might be some it has problems with, but I haven’t found them yet. Conversely, the other GBC emulator people keep linking to and saying is ‘better’ wouldn’t play a single thing.

    Having to dramatically reduce the volume every time is annoying, but it’s really only a minor inconvenience. It would be easy to forget to do it, but the buzzing from the speakers reminds me each time.

  3. says:

    How do you “rename” from .gb to gbc.?

  4. says:

    None of those emulators work for my dingoo. In fact it even refuses to show the games I uploaded onto it…

  5. says:

    Can someone please walk me through as to how to get a gameboy/ GBC emulator from this site to work on my game system. I tried to download it, but it’s a RAR file and my computer does not reconize them. All I want to do is get better emulators so i can play my games. I have a few emulators i use to play on my laptop, but they won’t work on the game system, why?

  6. says:

    Do not download this emulator, get the one that is at the following link instead because it’s better:,0,0,0,71,159

  7. says:

    I am trying to get the Pokemon Trading Card Game to work and it keeps on, well, not working…

  8. says:

    re there any updates/ anyone working on fixing the issues with this emulator? It’s actually quite good, except for the fact that it won’t save the settings and the sound/volume issues. It runs better than Goomba for me and the Full Screen setting on the GBC.SIM is awesome, you can really appreciate the screen size on the A320.

  9. says:

    Noted that the current Gbc volume setting will directly affected by your Dingoo’s Audio/Video volume level. So before you try to load any gbc games with this emulator, make sure to set your Audio/Video volume level in range between 0 to 11.

    Gbc volume Mp4 volume

    14 0 to 11
    28 12 to 14
    42 15 to 18
    56 19 to 22
    70 23 to 26
    84 27 to 29
    98 30

  10. says:

    So this has been working for me for a while, but just randomly today, my buttons no longer work. I hit the power button to go to the menu, and go to “Game Pad” to set the controls, but then the screen shows the “Assign any key to the buttons” dialogue, but no options underneath it, and then it just reverts back to the menu. Really strange.

  11. says:

    It will saved your newly mapped keys only when you remapped all the keys. You also can go to Options > DefaultKey to restore the key settings.

    If it’s still not working, just delete the gbc.dat and hw.dat inside the GAME folder.

    Too bad, only the monochrome version of Legend of Zelda – Link’s of Awakening is playable by this emulator. Also, this emulator won’t play any Super Gameboy titles.

  12. says:

    I’m trying to save my button mapping, but am having trouble. Here’s where I’m at. I go to Game Pad from the menu screen. I go through the sequence doing up for up, down for down, etc. I’m then taken to a screen with the following text:



    Load State

    Save State

    Increase Volume

    Decrease Volume

    At this point, my buttons don’t do anything, so I press the power slider on the right side and that takes me back to the main menu. I then go up to start and my buttons work for one press, but then they stop working again. If it matters, I’m trying to play the monochrome Link’s Awakening.

  13. says:

    Deleting the extra files from the game folder worked. Maybe use the above info for bug fixes of future versions

  14. says:

    Does this work with the latest custom firmware that teamdingoo made?

  15. says:

    Yes this will work with the custom firmware.

  16. says:

    isn’t it enough to put the gbc.sim in the udisk game folder, and run *.gbc file?
    the *.gbc file can’t be found. could be this the problem?

  17. says:

    Yeah, just put the GBC.sim inside the “Game” folder. You can put the gameboy games anywhere (inside the Game folder) or create a specific folder for it with whatever name you like but make sure to rename all the games with “.gbc” extension.

    Did you really renamed the REAL extension of the game? Check your setting… [My Computer (or any Folder) > Tools > Folder Options… > View > Hide extentions for known file types (uncheck it then press Apply)].

    I assumed that you had the latest firmware. If you don’t, then upgrade it.

    If the problem still persists, back up all of your data… format the Dingoo then transfer back your data but make sure just copy the fresh .sim files (plus Do not copy over the extra file such as .dat, .cfg, .hfx & etc. (you may copy all of the save games or the save states if available).

  18. says:

    I’ve formatted the Dingoo and am running firmware v1.1. I am able to see my .gbc games, but when I try to start one, the whole unit freezes up and I must reset. Any suggestions?

  19. says:

    I should have read all the comments first. I was trying to use the color version of Link’s Awakening. Monochrome version works fine.

  20. says:

    Get the patches here if you want to play the Gbc version of Zelda. Mostly, the freezes/unworking gb+c titles has the Super Gameboy support.

  21. says:

    thanks, much easier to use than before.

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