Dingoo A320 no snes games WORK!!!! HELP

My Dingoo A320 does not play snes. Every other game/emulator works. I tried a different sim file and also DingooSNES. I click on a game to load and it just states “please wait” then goes back to the game listings. I am all out of ideas.

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  1. dingoo-digital.com says:

    The game roms need to be unzipped to be played. All except the cps1 roms need to be unzipped, and then accessed under interesting game. Also only one .sim emulator and its respective configuration data at a time. More than one will give it issues. Hope that helps…

  2. dingoo-digital.com says:

    It also mihgt help if you convert the extentions of your SNES files from .SFC to .SMC. Not all games files will run all that well in that format (Terranimga, how I miss you!) and some games might have messed up text boxes (Seiken Denestu 3 and Secret of Mana, for instance) but they should work. Especially with the new firmware installed.

  3. GibbsUK says:

    Ahh thank you! I have found this information hard to find on the Dingoo community websites.

    Renaming the .bin files to sfc didn’t work but renaming them to .smc worked for me on my Dingoo A330

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