CPS1 compatibility list

This is a list of the CPS1 games I have personally tested on the Dingoo A320. Feel free to edit it or make comments with suggestions and corrections.


Working games

Game Name Notes
1941 – Counter Attack
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Capcom World 2 – Adventure Quiz Japanese
Captain Commando
Carrier Air Wing
Dynasty Wars Japanese
Final Fight
Forgotten Worlds
Knights of the Round
Magic Sword – Heroic Fantasy
Mega Twins (Chiki Chiki Boys)
Megaman – The Power Battle
Pang! 3
Pnickies Japanese
Quiz And Dragons – Capcom Quiz Game Japanese
Quiz Tonosama no Yabō 2 – Zenkoku-ban Japanese
Rockman – The Power Battle Japanese version of “Megaman – The Power Battle”
Saturday Night Slammaster
Street Fighter 2′ – Champion Edition
Street Fighter 2 – The World Warrior
Street Fighter II Zero Japanese
The King of Dragons
The Punisher
Three Wonders
U.N. Squadron
Warriors Of Fate

Games with problems

Game Name Notes
Ghouls and Ghosts Gfx errors


14 comments on “CPS1 compatibility list
  1. dingoo-digital.com says:

    i just downloaded a few games for cps1 but i dont know how to set them up for use. theyre all files in bin files, i tried unzipping them but didnt work. and tried putting everying onto the dingoo and that didnt work either. one file has roms in it, but it has like 5-7 in there and still doesnt show up when looking. help please?

  2. dingoo-digital.com says:

    To answer the question, copy the zip file containing the bin files to a (game)folder and it should work. Just tried 1941. ‘unfortunately’ the game rotated by 90 degrees. I cannot find a setting to change it. Anyone got ideas?

  3. dingoo-digital.com says:

    If anyone has full set up and runing , please let me know because I want it ok

  4. dingoo-digital.com says:

    CPS-1 and CPS-2 games can be broken down into three types of games: shooter, beat ’em up, or fighting. Periodically there’s a puzzle game in there.

    You can extend this into Neo-Geo/MVS but there are sports games mixed in there as well.

    You’ll have to try them to see if you like them. You can check out Wikipedia for most of these games; there’s also video reviews on youtube.

    But one this is clear: you need to bear in mind that you’re dealing with *arcade* games. The concept that one day these games would be dumped and playable on handheld units smaller than the original Gameboy was the furthest from their minds. Remember, the original GB was 4-bits, non backlit and only two colors. Some of the NeoGeo games top 600megs.

    If you’re looking for more indepth gaming, you’ll need to look at GBA/SNES/MD games. The GBA emulator is excellent; the SNES and MD emulators are alright for RPGs.

  5. dingoo-digital.com says:

    The Gameboy had shades of grey… not that that changes your point. D:

  6. dingoo-digital.com says:

    lol grey and greeeeeeen

  7. dingoo-digital.com says:

    I just want somebody to make a zip/rar of the all the working roms that they have already converted for their Dingoo, and upload them somewhere (like mediafire). CPS1/2 and MVS roms would be nice in easy to download zip files.

  8. dingoo-digital.com says:

    have 28 of the 37 (that i know of) CPS-1 games, and i am trying to find the rest.

    i have all but 3 of the games in the above list, those are Rockman (because megaman is an english version of the same game), warriors of fate, and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. i am also missing: Buster Buddies, Kensei Mogura, Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle, Street Fighter II’: champion Edition, Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting and Street Fighter Alpha, other than that, as far as i am aware i have a full list.

    if any of you want these, i will post a list of them, and (if you explain how) upload them for your pleasure.

    The Roms are all .zip files and you literally put them on your dingoo and select them to play them.

    btw, if i do upload them, can i get caught and sued or some shit?

  9. dingoo-digital.com says:

    I have 29

    inclusind some that you wanted,

    contact me

    Can I leave my email here?

  10. dingoo-digital.com says:

    and it would be nice if they were all properly named or since its hard to do that with cps1 roms then all in properly named folders

  11. dingoo-digital.com says:

    these games may work, but which ones are actually good? and i don’t mean matters of opinion like some people like some games but other people say it’s not their thing, i mean ‘fact’ good or bad games. like games with rubbish graphics and music (for their time) that aren’t hard at all and only take half an hour to complete, like half the games on the DS (and i like me some DS).

  12. dingoo-digital.com says:

    These are arcade titles, so the “half hour to complete” thing is meaningless.
    If you want to find out if these old arcade titles are “hard” or not then dl ’em, install ’em and PLAY ’em!
    (Isn’t that how this gaming stuff is done?) (That’s how I’m doing it.)
    I guess you could look up some reviews, if they exist, or you could play them and post your own!
    I’ve noticed that these arcade titles often have the same layout and similar themes, but again they are ARCADE titles, and not written to be playable like a DS would be.
    (The folks that wrote these never imagined a device with all the titles playable and directly comparable on board, the best at the time was console ports of the more popular games.)
    (Keep in mnd that there are great games that are not popular as well!!)

    As far as TECHNICAL playability I’ve already encountered some screen tearing and audio skip playing “Marvel Super Heroes” but I’m in the very early stages of messing with frameskip settings and the like, so that might be addressable. Most games look pretty darn good running their demos.
    I’m sure that some games might have issues when being played, but I think part of the point here is for folks to report them as they encounter them and let folks know what works.

  13. dingoo-digital.com says:

    I just set all these games up and can confirm everything, including the graphics problem on Ghouls and Ghosts.

  14. dingoo-digital.com says:

    Anyone figure out how to rotate?

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