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Where To Get ROMs

quick links and information on where to find all those favourite ROMs. It’s usually better to just find them yourself instead of asking others, so here are a couple of links for you to start off with.

1.) HTTP Web Pages + FTP Servers – The easiest, yet fairly annoying way to get ROMs is to go to some standard web ROM sites. Here are a few to get your started. You can search Google to find additional sites. You can also search for FTP sites that contain ROMs.

2.) P2P(Peer to Peer) – You can find ROMs on almost any P2P network with almost any P2P software. Use google to search for and find P2P software and networks. I recommend:

3.) Torrents – You can also find ROMs via Torrent websites and download torrent files using softwares like BitComet or BitTorrent and such. Use Google to learn about what Torrent is, available clients, and how to use torrent files. Software I recommend:

4.) Search – You can search using websites like:

There are just SOME of the many ways you can obtain ROMs. This is more than enough information to point you in the right direction. It’s your responsibility to do some searching and research and learn how to use the software and methods I described to you. If you are still unable to find any ROMs, well, your on your own…. I can’t help you.
Also Note that downloading copyrighted ROM files are ILLEGAL!!! And are protected by laws.
These are some disclaimers that you usually found on some ROM providing websites, Also note that some of these are just online myths.

  • If you do not have the actual game for the rom you are downloading, then the ROM must be deleted from your computer within 24 hours.
  • No ROMS will be sold by you.
  • and its webhosts / webmaster / owner / staff will not be liable for your actions or actions taken towards you.
  • Any and all damages done to your computer is entirely your responsibility, we cannot be held liable for it
  • For controversial reasons, if you are affiliated with any government, ANTI-Piracy group or any other related group, or were formally a worker of one you CANNOT enter this web site, cannot access any of its files and you cannot view any of the HTML files. If you enter this site you are not agreeing to these terms and you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995 and that means that you CANNOT threaten our ISP(s) or any person(s) or company storing these files, and cannot prosecute any person(s) affiliated with this page which includes family, friends or individuals who run or enter this web site.