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how to get cps2 roms to work on the dingoo

This tutorial shows you how to create perfect CPS2 converstions for your dingoo using the CPS2 converter tool.

Some users do have problems creating these conversions so this tutorial will give work as a quick guide for those.


1. first you need the cps2 converter

2. then you need roms that still have the xor encryption tables

xor encrypted roms

Just the xor’s (mess with these when you know what your doing)

3. convert them, you will end up with a file with a .CP2 file extention (when it gets done converting and a window pops up with something like <#!$R@#%@> just click ok thats normal as long as you ended up with the file your good

4. put them in “intresting game” folder anywhere (“emulators” if you have the custom firmware)

plus start with something besides the metal slugs try 1944 for example get it right then try metal slug they give alot of people problems but once you got it in your head you’ll get them working.