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TV-OUT for Dingoo A380 not working


I recently recieved a Dingoo A380 for my birthday from isharegifts and the TV-OUT shows a scrambled screen.
Is there any possible fix, or am I doing it wrong?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Brand new Dingoo won’t turn on.

I just took my dingoo out of the box and it won’t turn on when I hit the on switch. I’ve tried plugging up the charger that came with it but nothing happens.

Whats going on?

Memory issues

Hi guys, I just got my Dingoo two weeks ago, and I’m having an issue with the NES V.1 in that it’s memory seems to backpedal to previous saves. I’m currently playing Zelda 2, and after saving and quitting, I load up again few hours later to see all my progress in the last session is completely gone, and thats both in game save and save state on the Dingoo. What can I do to fix the memory?

my dingoo died D:

HELP one day i use my dingoo then i try to plug it in to my new dell xps 7
and then it crashed then i reset and it got stuck at a black screen won’t turn on
how do u fix
p.s. im 10 but i know ALOT about computers (more than most adults i know)
plz don’t troll me because of my age 🙁

Reversed images with the new lcd…

Hi, I replaced the cracked screen of my dingoo, but now the images are reversed. Why does this happen? It ‘a software problem or hardware? LCD 9331_3

Hardware problems.

Okay, probably not gonna get much help on this particular topic. So, I am getting WSOD on my a320, and with the unbricking tool not working, I decided to open her up and take a look inside. What I found was that a small peice that looks like a coil with 4R7 printed on the top has broken off. I think I may be able to slef repair, but I’m not sure if this is doable. Do you think it would work to just solder a wire in the coils place?

Dingoo Turns On and Off/Clicking, Seems to React to Movement (Battery Problem?)

So I’ve had my dingoo for about a year now, and just recently it has been turning on and off or freeze/restart repeatedly while making a clicking noise every time it does. But it only seems to do this if I move it around a bit or bump it.

It seems to be ok if I keep it on its left side, but that hardly seems like an ideal playing method. It just seems to be very sensitive to me moving it around.

Would this be a bad battery or wiring problem? Or is it something else?


Permanent vertical white bars

Hello, I have a Dingoo A320 (black) with the latest firmware (1.2).

I have three vertical pixel-wide white bars that are burnt into the screen.  They seem to be appearing with every charge, even though I have been careful to not overcharge it.  Now that it’s time to charge it again, I’m wondering if there’s anything I should do differently?  Or do I have a defective screen?

Thank you very much in advance.