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Subdivide and conquer

I’ve been noticing that alot of people are having problems with their emulators/roms not functioning properly on the Native OS. The configuration detailed below is the configuration that i’ve always used and have had no issues with.Recommended setup for use with the Dingoo A320’s system memory GAME folder:

GAME ————> Emulators, .cfg and all other emu support files
l——-> Subdivided Rom folders by system (NES, SNES, etc…)

Both subdivided videogame system folders and the emulators should be coexisting together, directly inside the GAME folder. The emulators outside¬†of the system’s Games folders,¬†side by side in peace, just like when the last Metroid was in captivity…

I couldn’t post pics here like i did in the Dingoonity post, so i hope you understand what i’m talking about.
Hope this helps, and a great day to you all.

Complete Changeable Themes

I was just looking though all of the Themes people have made and thought that it would be a good idea to add maybe 3 extra folders for diferent custom themes with an option in the System Settings menu to change between what theme is currently active? (Simmilar to how there are diferent choices for background images.)

This would make it so that you could choose between the default theme, Custom Theme 1, Custom Theme 2, and Custom Theme 3.

Idk I just got my A320 last christmas and just now found this site because I was having a bug.