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Looks like JinXing Digital is pumping up the game with thier new V3, an easy alternative for the Dingoo. Not trying to slam any Dingoo users (isn’t everyone one?), but this is just more to my appeal. A screen the size of a PSP… The ability to emulate GBA, GBC, GB, NES, SMD, SMC, BIN, and SWF… I will have this in my hands, hopefully sometime during the summer! If anyone own this, could we get a review?

Join sightlight and davdud101 in the attempt to reprogram the JXD V3 for better emulation at

Dingoo A380 multiplayer help

I have two Dingoo A380s.  When I first got them I connected them together to play Golden Axe 3 perfectly.  Now whenever I select Create or Serch Server it just sits there and freezes up.  It requires a reset.


How do I make this work?  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks.

JXD 5000 SNES KeyMappings

So I recently bought a JXD 5000 because I was looking for something to putz around with.

In using it, I have had the following problem.

GBA games show an icon of GBA, PSX games show a little PSC controller, but SNES games show a weird gear icon.

This issue seems to be linked to the following, when I try to map the buttons for GBA, it shows all the mappings as I’d expect, but when I try to map for SNES it shows all “-” dash symbols.  I then make changes to the keyboard mappings for SNES and it seems to save, go back in, all “-” and then when playing the game I can’t use any keys.


Additionally, it won’t play NES games…


Any idea what I need to do to fix this?


TL;DR : I can not map keys for SNES games, and can not play NES games.

JXD 5000 manual in English…

I’m new here and I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section. I’m looking for a manual in english for a JXD 5000. I have one but, it’s all in Chinese. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now but, I’d really like to learn how to use it and not just keep pushing buttons and wondering what will happen.

Games on the JXD 5000…

I have all of these games on there but, with a lot of them I open them I get an error saying that the file doesn’t exsist. These files came already on the system when I got it. Should I keep these games even though there isn’t a game with them or can I just delete them? I just want to make sure the there isn’t a purpose for having them on there before I delete them.