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PSP Accessories Reused on Dingoo

Please forgive my poor workmanship on the modification add on.

I used to have a PSP, but it was missing. I bought a Dingoo because i like the movie support and the games support too. I played homebrew games in my PSP most of the time anyway, although its not fair to compare the two, but i think a Dingoo did pretty well in many features.

Dingoo has soft speakers, i want good sounds when playing Metal Slugs and movies, MP3s. I am happy to see lots of ideals people have, to make their Dingoo better, and those ideals are really helpful.

I have big hands, so the mod 3 , larger hand held feels good for me. Mod 2 and mod 1 were ideals i saw from this site ( ). Anyway I am not good with words, so i will show the pictures instead.


PSP Access