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Dingoo A320 no snes games WORK!!!! HELP

My Dingoo A320 does not play snes. Every other game/emulator works. I tried a different sim file and also DingooSNES. I click on a game to load and it just states “please wait” then goes back to the game listings. I am all out of ideas.

Roms Dont load(Solved)

I know this has been answered before i just cant find the thread i was reading earlier dicussing this problem =p

So i bought a a320 for christmas andafter tinkering i put it down cause i couldent get it to work. Today i picked it up agian and realised there were no emulators on the system >.> (If your like me reading for answers look for .sim files in your browser ) anyway got that working and it loaded up.. sort of.. i have a black screen.

Its probably a quick answer that anyone who has one but me probably knows XD but hey i wanna play yoshis inland =D

Thanks for your time =)

Kirby Super Star?

Hey guys.

I tried downloading Kirby Super Star for SNES, and I’ve tried playing it on two different emulators (the one it comes with and PocketSNES)

It won’t load. It’ll go to the game, but it’s just black and wont change.

Any suggestions?

GBA Roms Not Working

I have recently made an account here for the sole purpose of figuring out what is happening with my Dingoo A-320.


Whenever I lode my NES Roms and whatnot, they work perfectly fine, but with any GBA Roms I try I get frozen on a beutiful rainbow colored loading screen, and I have to reset the Dingoo entirely. I am a HUGE fan of GBA games (Owning a couple GBA’s and about thirty games, to boot.) And I would LOVE to find out if there is a solution to my dillemma, as I have been wanting to play my Pokemon Leaf Green.


I HAVE upgraded to the new POF firmware, but the games STILL dont work.

Any help is appriciated!

Just order my dingoo a320 – Any advice? Updates? I should do?

Just order my dingoo a320. Any updates or downloads I should do to get it up to speed with the latest firmware/emulators ect.?

Dingoo wont turn on at all.

I dropped my dingoo a320 and it turned off. Now it never turns on.

Dingoo digital USA

Hey, does anyone know ¬†good way of contacting he who runs dingoo digital usa? I ordered something back in january expecting it to ship in april, because it was on back order, and it was delayed a few weeks, and then after that time period to may 15. After that, he stopped replying. I know I should be considerate because his father is dying, but this is getting pretty rediculous. It’s been half of a year since I ordered this thing, and I shelled out a reasonable amount of money for it, so now I’m pretty worried.

dingoo a330

Hi im looking for some help on putting my dingoo a330 in usb mode

im using windows 7 32 bit i cant get my computer to see the dingoo drive

is there drivers i need to install please some one help me as i cant load any roms

A few questions about the dingoo and software

First of all i wasnt too sure where to post this, so if this is in the wrong section, i apologise. Ive recently been looking into buying a dingoo (a320/30) but had quite a few questions which i need clearing up before buying.

1. Are any of the emulators in the native software better than the ones that are used on dingux?

2. Is there any difference in installation for an a330 as opposed to the a320?

3. Can dingux be installed on the internal flash space, or does it have to be installed onto a memory card?

Anyway, if anyone could take the time to answer my questions it would be much appreciated,

Colecovision Problem

Hello fellow dingoo fans, got a lil problem, hoping someone can enlighten me. I cant get the colecovision roms to work. I have the colecoo.sim file in place and the roms unzipped in their subfolder, however, ive noticed that they do not have a real extension, i.e., “dot” whatever… What do i do to get them to run……?