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pof has built on the new official Dingoo firmware, and released something which consolidates lots of recent goodness:

My modified version of official 1.20 firmware, includes the following: * Based on official 1.20 firmware (Y/B bug fixed!) * Supports custom themes (system folder visible) * Default language set to english * Megadrive emulator fixed to use the quick double buffer technique * Added NeoGeo Pocket emulator * Added Game Boy Color (GBC) emulator * Overclock apps included (select from 200Mhz to 430Mhz) * Nice boot & logoff screens * Fixed typos in english translation * Default brightness set to 3 * Auto Poweroff set to 1 hour == INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS == 1. Copy all the contents into the root dir of your dingoo internal UDisk. 2. Switch off your dingoo 3. Press and hold DOWN in the D-PAD 4. Switch on your dingoo, firmware will update. Wait 5 minutes. 5. Reboot your dingoo == DISCLAIMER == I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your Dingoo by flashing this unofficial firmware. Full caution is advise, do not flash if you don’t know what you’re doing. Tested on 3 Dingoos and worked fine on all them.

MD5: 97EFD31822ED155B37D3122EEA98ADA0

Official Dingoo Digital China A320 1.20 Firmware

Ok guys the forums have been abuzz about this new firmware seen in the wild the elusive 1.20 Official Dingoo Digital A320 Firmware well I caught him I did I did.

Thanks to my connections at Dingoo Digital China as a reseller they provided me a copy before it is posted on the Dingoo Digital China website. Don’t ask me when it will be posted on their site I have no clue the actual Dingoo Digital China website is hacked all the time so who knows when it will get posted there.

So enjoy the new firmware from the rumor mill it seems to fix the y & x button bug and the codec issue with video stalling while playing and last but not least more languages. I don’t know I haven’t tested it yet as I’m typing this and posting it to everyone else can have it….

Custom Firmware a320-1.03TD-3


Anything you implement beyond this point, you are doing this at your own risk.
This procedure like all hombrew procedure has a small chance that it may brick your dingoo a-320.
By following the following instructions, you agree to the fact that If your dingoo a-320 is bricked by any chance, I will not be held responsible.

09 april 2009:
-The worlds first Dingoo firmware release.
Moved system files from hidden memory to visible memory location

15 april 2009:
-BUG : Unable to play SWF files
Moved /system/code back to default hidden memory locatio as the software is trying to launch the flash player from there.
-Changed partly translated flashing tool with a fully translated one.

03 may 2009:
-Text changes:
‘Interesting game’ changed to ‘Emulators’ ( all of these ARE emulators! )
‘3d game’ changed to ‘apps’ ( These files are actually .app files and ‘3d game’ is just very misleading! )
-Removed Games directory as the files is not in use
-added firmware identification in System setup -> About
-Corrected ‘cClose TV’ to ‘Close TV’ text when using TV -> Connect TV function.
-Changed default language from simplified chinese to english
-Added overclocking applications to the GAME directory ( thankyou a600 ).

* Possible to add or change custom themes ( all visuals customizable )
* Fonts can be changed or added
* Firmware language is default english
* English text corrections
* Overclocking features ( from 200-430Mhz)

1. Remove memory card if inserted. ( precaution )
2. Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
3. Backup up all files from the internal storage as these are deleted in the process.

1. Put the Dingoo a-320 is USB mode by pressing and holding the B button while inserting a pin or similar into the reset hole
2. Conect the USB cable between your computer and Dingoo
3. Now you need to install the windows USB driver for JZ4740 USB Boot device. Click “Locate and install driver software”
4. Click on “I don’t have the disc. Show me other options”
5. Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”.
6. Browse to where you extracted the files and choose “Next”.
7. Accept the security warning by clicking “Install this driver software anyway”
8. The driver should now install and a final confirmation screen should pop up informing you that the driver was successfully installed as “Chinachip USB loader”. Click “Close”

1. Run “flashutil.exe” as administrator by right clicking the file and choose “Run as administrator”.
2. Click the “Select” button in the “System DL Config” field and choose “A320_PD27_ILI9325_RLS.dl”.
3. Click the “Select” button in the “Firmware file” field and choose “a320-1.03TD-3.hxf”.
4. Click the “Burning System” button to start the flashing process.
5. 3 text lines should appear and a “Firmware upgrade” screen should show on your Dingoo. This process could take a couple of minutes.
6. A fourth text line should appear, confirming that the flashing process is complete. Now exit the program.
7. Disconnect the USB cable. The dingoo will now reset and reboot. It will not start up as usual because of the missing system files.

1. Connect the USB cable again.
2. Reset the Dingoo by inserting a pin or similar into the reset hole
3. After a couple of seconds the Dingoo comes up as a physical drive. Open the drive.
4. Copy the contents of the ‘ROOT FILES’ directory into the root directory ( the same location as GAME, PICURE, RECORD etc )
5. Reset the Dingoo again by inserting a pin or similar into the reset hole

You are done. The Dingoo should boot up as normal.

The directories “a”, “b”, “c” and “d” within the “res” directory contains the images/icons for the main navigation menu. The default contents of each of these directories are practically the same (filenames and number of files) The only obvious difference is that the 2 wallpaper files are different images.
Please remember that no matter what you do you must have the same naming convention, the same number of files in each of the “theme” directories and we are only replacing existing images/icons with our own modified versions!

The font directory within the res directory contains the menu fonts that the Dingoo uses

It is now possible to overclock the CPU a bit. I did not overclock this firmware by default as per request.
Instead you can overclock your dingoo if needed by going to ‘Apps’ and select the desired clockspeed from 200 – 430 by pressing the A button.
Please note that it looks like nothing happens when you select a clockspeed. This is intentionally. The clockspeed is still changed to whatever speed you chose.

You can always download new free themes for your dingoo at:

Please go to our forums for support and help: