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a320 Driver updating fix for Windows 7 is no longer available for download. Urgent issue, please help?

I was trying to get my Dingoo a320 to install a custom firmware, so I followed the instructions from a different post. The post said to put the device into USB mode, which I did, and now I can’t reinstall drivers onto the device, effectively transforming it from the machine that I’d grown to love over the past few months into a hundred dollar plastic hunk. I was told through another post that a fix was available for Windows 7 that would fix this problem, but when I went to the download link, the file that I needed was no longer present on mediafire. I honestly have no clue what to do now, I’ve got all of my files backed up, but I can’t get the device itself out of USB mode since Windows 7 won’t let me access the drivers that I downloaded from this other post. I’m having a borderline panic attack, can somebody please help me?

EDIT: Found out that I’m stupid, got the device running the built-in OS again, but I still can’t get Windows 7 to let me install the custom firmware without the file that’s disappeared from Mediafire…

Will Firmware update overwrite Dual Boot Question!

Hi i brought a Dingoo off Ebay, and it came with the Dual Boot already installed, but not Dingux.

The Dingoo has Firmware 1.1


I was considering updating to fix the Y/B Button Problem and maybe other improvements.


My question is, if i update the firmware to say 1.20 would it overwrite my Dual Boot…

I heard their was a way to install firmware that you just place file on Dingoo and reset and hold down.

Is this method only used for custom Firmware, or can Official be used, and would doing update remove the Dual Boot?

And can you down grade back to Original firmware at latter date without also lossing dual boot?


Thank You