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Thinking of buying (enter thread to see why it belongs in this forum)

I don’t think I will buy it, though, if it can’t run PS1+N64 games smoothly. I’ve heard talks it can already run 2D PS1 games smoothly. Is that true? Anyway, the question is this: Is there any emulation on the making that would allow the running smoothly of PS1+N64 games? If there isn’t, or because it technically can’t, I think I will add a few quids and buy a DS Lite, seeing as it can run all emulations the Dingoo A320 can run. Sure, it also can’t run PS1 and N64 games, but it has some ported N64 games and the game library itself is very similar to that of the N64. So unless a PS1 and N64 emulation is on the works, I see it this way:

Dingoo 320: Some cool emulations.
Nintendo DS Lite: Same cool emulations, plus DS games.

So my choice would be obvious.

Neo Geo on Dingoo Question…

Please read everything before flaming me.

Here’s my problem. I have downloaded the rom for the Neo Geo game Waku Waku 7 multiple times from multiple sources along with other Neo Geo games to test the emulator on the Dingoo. Had no conversion problems with this game ( did with some others, but found that those games where known to have conversion problems ) and moved it onto my Dingoo. Every time I run a Neo Geo game on the Dingoo the graphics look jumbled and undistiguishable, however text shows up fine. The start up NEO GEO sign is correct but any images after that, other than plain text, are not. I have tried deleting the emulator the system came with and installing a downloaded copy of it in its place. Same problem. I seeked out and found a newer Neo Geo emulator that claims to work on the Dingoo and tried it, but with the same results. see if you want to see the second emulator. I would think my hardware is bad but everything else in the system runs as good as expected. For example the CPS2 roms look great with the normal slowdown in game play speed. I have seen no one else complain of this issue, so now I am asking for help.

Thanks for any information that may be Provided!

GBA emulator problem

Nothing f***ing works, ever .gba file i put in there freezes my dingoo a320 at the loading screen…


Is it worth getting Dingoo for SNES emulation?

Hi everyone;

I’m looking at getting the Dingoo A320 mostly for the sole purpose of SNES emulation. I’ve read a lot of reviews about the system and they all seem to agree that the SNES emulation isn’t very good.

Now it seems to me like the Dngoo comes with a built in emulator that isn’t so good. However it looks like you can get Linux on it and can install a better emulator, like the ones you can get for a pc, which work more or less perfectly. Is this true?

This is what I’ve gather from reading about the Dingoo, not actually having one.

So the question I have is, is it worth it? Can you get really good SNES emulation on this system?

Pokemon patching?

So, I know that the a320 has no internal clock. I did some research about time based events in the Pokemon games and discovered a program called GBA Tool Advance. There are 2 patches that I’ll apparently need from this program, an ‘SRAM’ patch and a Clock patch. I’m just wondering which of these I should use on which games. Right now on my Dingoo, I’ve got Gold, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Leaf Green and Fire Red. And honestly I don’t even know where to begin patching these games.

Vice 2.3 (updated ver) – Commodore 64 Emu for Native OS

Hello Dingoo A320 fans, i have just recently discovered and troubleshot a new (or old?) emulator for the Native OS.

This time time around it is the Commodore 64 emulator, Vice 2.3 updated. It was not easy to find and i read online that when it first came out like a year or two ago, that they were having problems getting it to run without crashing. After a little messing around with it, i found out that the Commodore 64 Games¬†folder needs to be inside the Vice folder. I suppose it’s just easier for the emulator to pull and store data, who knows…Anyway it was fun, like always…

Here is the link to download it, and below that, i will tell you how to get it running.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Follow these steps accordingly:

(once downloaded)
– Extract the data.
– Place the “Vice-Dingoo-2.3” folder within the dingoo’s “GAME” folder.
– Create a “Commodore 64 (games)” folder (or whatever you want to call it) within the “Vice-Dingoo-2.3” folder.
– Safely remove the dingoo from your PC (like you always should).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

(A good place to get some roms for it is “The Old Computer”.)

To run the games:
Go to:

– “3D Game” on the dingoo’s main menu.
– “GAME”
– “Vice-Dingoo-2.3” folder
– “”
– Press “Start” when “Ready” comes up on the emulator screen.
– Select “Autostart Image”.
– “(D) Commodore 64 (games)
– Select your game.
– Enjoy!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Press “start” and go to:

– “machine settings”
– “Joystick settings”
Set the following as:
– “Joystick device in port 1” –> “Keyset 1”
– “Joystick device in port 2” –> “Joystick”
– “Extra joystick device port 1” –> “Keyset”
– “Extra joystick device port 2” –> “Numpad”
– press “A” on “Allow keyset joystick” (a star)

Go down to “Define keysets” and define them as:

– “up” = “up”
– “down” = “down”
– “left” = “left”
– “right” = “right”
– “keyset 1 fire” = “x” (or whatever button you want it to be)
(“keyset 2” should already be setup (default)…)

See the attached “read me” for more info…

Cant save games.

For some reason I can’t save my game with the save game option. I can only save the states. But the problem with that is sometimes when i save the state it freezes and then all my work in that game is gone. Then I have to start all over again, it’s kinda frustrating… What can be done to get the game to save with the in game save?

Famicom Disk System usage on DingooNES (instructions)

Ok, next item of possible interest is Famicom Disk System rom usage on the DingooNES.sim emulator for the Dingoo A320.

Once you have acquired your DingooNES.sim emulator (preferably the latest version and i’ll leave that part up to you if you don’t already have it), just read below to get the FDS games running.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Famicom Disk System was a Japanese disk system add-on for their Famicom (the Japanese NES), similar to a floppy disk, but in a hard, colored case (usually yellow).
The significance in playing these versions of the games is that in some cases, the music, graphics and start game interface may be slightly different, as is the case with Metroid, which has a Legend of Zelda style start menu.

The DingooNES emulator will run “.fds” roms (with the “disksys” file it comes with), but you need to follow these steps:

– acquire the .fds rom(s)
– run the .fds rom like you do the rest of the .nes roms
– wait for the NINTENDO logo to come up and let the system load the game
– When you get to the actual game main screen, press L+R+Select buttons at the same time
(to “switch disk sides”…don’t ask)
– you may need to wait a few moments or “switch disk sides” again
– now the controls will be enabled!
– enjoy!

(Note: the emulator, “.cfg” and “disksys” files should be directly within the GAME folder to run without a major problem. This is usually the case for most emulators…)

Overclockable Gba Emulator

Were can I download a overclockable gba enumlator for dingoo a320? I know most games run fine, but pokemon skips around a bunch to me, and being a die hard fan of pokemon XD can’t stand it. so any help?

native Lynx emulator

Hi, sorry if this is posted somewhere else I didn’t see it. I am wondering if there is a working link to a native Lynx emulator and how to get it working?¬†Thank you!