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Default emulators

These are the default emulators shipped with the dingoo a-320

Sega Master System and Game Gear emulators

Subzero just released a new version of the SMS / GG emulators with a screen bugfix for the a320.

over 80 percents of games can be run properly, that’all.

A = A
B = B
X = Start / Pause
^ = hard reset
Power = menu

Put the .sim files in the GAME root directory
Put some .sim or .gg games somewhere and launch them from your dingoo.

MVS Converter rom audit dat file

This is Romcenter/Clrmame dat file for building full neogeo romset ready to convert with MVS converter v.1.3.
Dat file 100% match internal converter data.

MD5: 1A8B2FC8AFA68AC900A5C8AF1B7E57B0

Gameboy Color Emulator v1.0 beta (English Version)

Here’s an unworthy translation from me. Not everything get translated though since I’ve only got Dingoo to tested with. It’s not an accurate translation but still reasonable by its functionality because I prefer to use another wording. To access the Emulator’s Menu, press the Power key after the game is loading (Select+Start was not implemented for it).

The emulator was created for Gemei x760+ but also worked on Dingoo A-320 with some limitations.

Also, I like to request to someone who is capable to create a “Volume/Sound Patch” to the emulator (from 84% to 20%) if it is possible. It is a little bit annoying to keep doing these steps [Start a game -> access the Menu -> Turn off sound -> access the Menu -> increase the Sound Volume] every time I’m going to use it. Or If you’re a Gemei x760+ user, may I know if you could keep the Sound Volume settings. If yes, would you mind to share its created file settings?

And yes, I’m aware there’s Goomba which is far better in emulating the Gbx games.

Renamed any game with .gb extension to .gbc or the emulator won’t recognize it.

Get the patches for any non-working games (Super Gameboy) here. and read all the posts below for some important issues.

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To any newbie, there’s a far better emulator ported by Joyrider and any of you should download it, click on the link below:

Dingoo Gnuboy (no Paw fix!) or Dingoo Gnuboy.

Note: Delete the Gameboy Color Emulator v1.0 beta files (gbc.sim, gbc.dat, hw.dat and any related files) if you’re about to use the Gnuboy emulator. It’s obsolete anyway…

Gmenu2x ported to Dingux

Are you ready for some awesomeness? Joyrider has ported the gmenu2x front-end to dingux! This is much easier to use than dmenu, dinguxmb and the like. No need to edit config files etc when you add new programs to Dingux. There are also various skins/themes already available too.
(note – the first screenshot is taken from Wiz/GP2X)


Quote from: Joyrider

“I ported gmenu2x to dingux, it has all the features of the original gp2x menu working and I fixed 2 small bugs in the original code (dealing with new links that didn’t show correctly). I also added battery reading and a LCD Backlight setting, made the volume changing work and a few other things. Gmenu2x also has various skins/themes already available. “A few notes :

The menu needs to be placed in /boot/local/gmenu2x (and no other place, the zip already contains the gmenu2x folder so just extract to /boot/local).

You’ll also have to edit the /boot/local/sbin/main script if you want this to be your default menu !

The scanning feature looks for *.dge files, if you have games / applications with another extension you’ll have to add it manually (in the menu itself, not through config files)

Release Thread =!

MVS Converter 1.3 modified – English version

his is an english translation of ilhan’s contribution

MVS converter for dingoo-A320 is based on NJ emulator package for Playstation portable.
Converter is have hardcoded in it romset data (crc values of roms). This not allow to convert some custom made romsets – converter just do not recognize them.

In internal logic converter program still read rominfo.mvs data, but in last stage of conversion it add hardcoded in exe data to generated .mvs file.

So i made little mod to exe – in this mod it read rominfo.mvs and add required data to generated .mvs file – in this case it is correctly recognized by A320 MVS emulator.

1. MVSv1.3m.exe – converter mod – read from rominfo.mvs file except hardcoded data.
rominfo.mvs is 100% ripped from original MVS converter.

2. MVSv1.3m-console.exe – converter mod with console window enabled.
Console give more info on conversion process.

– You need to press key on console window after some messages.
– Some messages is from original NJ PSP converter – so just ignore them.

SMD BIN Win [Mega Drive/ Genesis ROM file converter – Windows ONLY!]

As I’m pretty new to the Dingoo scene, I was, until recently, unaware of the A320’s inability to play Mega Drive/ Genesis ROMs with the .BIN (or .MD) file extension(s). I have predicted that many users have had similar difficulties with their machines, and so I will post a helpful download link to a piece of rather useful file conversion software named SMD BIN Win:

Although the program does require a short installation prior to use, I have found it VERY easy to use, and recommend it to all emulation beginners.

NOTE: After the conversion of your ROMs, the program will place the converted files into its own folder. They can be located at: C (replace with the letter of you hard disk if required):/Program Files/CodeIsle/SMD BIN WIN/[ROM NAME].SMD

Have fun!

NeoGeo MVS converter – english version

his is the partly english translated version of the MVS convert version 1.3

Use this application to decrypt your neogeo games from ZIP format to MVS files.

1. Click on Open
2. Browse to the .ZIP file/s of the game/s you want to convert
3. Click Convert to convert the game/s.

If all goes well, you should have some MVS files in the directory. If some chinese text appear and no MVS files was found, the conversion failed. This happens to some of the NEOGEO games.

Dingoo 3D games

Here are some 3D games I found (will update this list if I can find more). All working and playable on the A-320.
To play: Unzip the files and put the .app files in the 3D folder.

7 Days Salvation (Chinese version)
7 Days Salvation (English version)
Block_Breaker (English version)
Candy (English version)
China Chip Snake (English version)
Landlord (English version)
Mahjong (Chinese version)
Platinum Sudoku (English version)
Puzzle Bobble (Chinese version)
Tetris (English version)
Ultimate Drift (Chinese & English version)
World Road (Chinese & English version)
Xing-Day Mars – Decollation Warrior (Chinese version)
Yi-chi King fighter (Chinese version)
Zhao Chuan RPG (Chinese version)

Vista SP2/Windows 7 Fix

All you need to do is download this file, USBSTOR.sys. This version is taken from Windows XP. Rename the original just in case.

The file goes in C:/Windows/system32/drivers/

Hope this helps a bunch of you!