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New Topic anyone interested in developing a IPOD codec

New Topic anyone interested in developing a IPOD codec  that would allow playing of all ipod formats video and audio I’m a search guru but not a great programmer so if I can find some one to help maybe we can develop a codec that can be incorporated into the dingoo. That would totally rock to not have to do the work around I posted.

Extracting files from .app

Hi guys. Did anybody tried to extract files from .app games? I wanna extract files from 7 Days game. I viewed it with Winhex, there’s some kind of archive: file names and something like separators of files, but I still have no idea how do I extract files. If you have any information or ideas, please post here.

New to A320 programming. Any advice, SDK , docs?

Hi there,

I’m not that great of a programmer (mostly C/C++, J2ME, so I have a bit of experience with limited devices) but I wanted to get to know how it’s like to program for an actual console.

After seeing the retail price of a Nintendo DS (classic one) + R4 cart… I kinda said f**k it and went for a Dingoo A320 – I remembered having read that this console can run custom, unsigend code.

So, my question is what do I have to do to get started developing on this baby 😀 ?

Any pointers in the right direction are higly apreciated. Thanks in advance.

Calling all Native OS Developers It’s Contest time

Ok here we go here is a contest up you developers alley. I want you to come up with an original application or emulator or game. The emulators can be based of a port from another platform but not one that is currently being done or has been done on the Dingoo A320.

No porting of games that are from other platforms it must be a new exciting app or game. You have sixty days starting from today to come up with the application or emulator or game.

The voting will be done via a poll three days after the games have been submitted and posted here on the downloads section for review by the whole community.

There will be two grand prize winnners and two runner ups. Grand Prize is a Silicon Glove 3D Pad Mod and Dingoo Digital carrying pouch. The runner up prize is a Dingoo Digital carrying pouch so get programming….

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