Atari Lynx for native Dingoo

A beta of an emulator for the Atari Lynx was released today
It runs great with the native environment – no Dingux installation required!

I have tested it with a few ROMs of games I own; I find the emulator works very well for many ROMs.

  • Blue Lightning, KLAX, and a few others I tried ran quite well; I didn’t notice any slow down other than some choppy title music in BL.
  • STUN Runner has some messed up graphics; but is playable.
  • Ms. Pacman runs about 15% too fast!
  • “Lynx Diagnostic cart”: when you push buttons on the button test, a speaker beeps like it should but the button display doesn’t light up.

Awesome for a beta release!

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  1. says:

    i have downloaded the pof package, but there is no atari lynx emu in the zip-file!?

  2. says:

    i have put the “lyngoo.sim” and the “lynxboot.img” in the “game”-dir… the games (*.LNX) i have put in the dir “game/lyx”… if i choose a LNX-file to start the emu, the dingoo always freezes and i have to reset it. could you help me please 🙂 thanks.

  3. says:

    i have copied the lyngoo.sim and the lynxboot.img files under game on the dingoo but when i try to start a .lnx rom it freezes.. can any one help me? its only new so all the software is original.. thanks

  4. says:

    hi there… we have the same problem… have you solved the problem?

  5. says:

    I had this same problem with I got my first Dingoo. My most recent one, though, which came with the custom pof firmware pre-installed along with the emus that are zipped with the firmware, does NOT have this problem. Try downloading the pof firmware zip file and trying the Lynx emu that comes with it; if installing the emu doesn’t fix the problem on its own, then try the whole firmware upgrade.

    You could also try the Lynx emu patched with the HK fix that was released recently.

  6. says:

    My problem is this, I run a game and all is well then I come out and try to run another – the dingoo freezes and must be rest.

  7. says:

    strange, i placed the files where they should go but i dont see them…in the browser there there alright. need i to register then to see them ?

  8. says:

    1) the LynGOO.SIM file is in the GAMES folder?

    2) the lynxboot.img file is also in the GAMES folder?

    3) the ROMs are unzipped and have file extensions of .LNX?

    4) you ran an “Update Jukebox” after copying all the files?

  9. says:

    1. yes it is on Udisk/games/

    2. yes it is its a 1 K file though could that be right ?

    3. yes unzipped them en tried them on my pc with a emulator working ones i copied to the games folder.

    4. i did not but this is for music i tried it anyway, no result.

    the GBA and SMD files show up fine, strange…

  10. says:

    ok i found the problem, apparently this only works if the .Sim is on the dingoo itself and not on the memorycard.

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    hi, i installed this emu and loads of roms but after playing for a while (which worked great) non of the other emulators loaded their roms.. the only other thing i changed was i added the manic minor app but everything else started working back up again after i deleted the lynx emulator. has anyone else has issues with conflict ?

    im using the new firmware which has been upgraded by pof

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    i’ve never played this console, could anyone mention some games worth playing?

  13. says:

    Try searching on for more info on the Atari Lynx. It was sold from 1989 until about 1994, and had maybe about 165 games released for it.

    It has a lot of good conversions of 80s arcade hits: KLAX, Joust, Robottron, STUN Runner, Qix, Paperboy, Ms Pacman, Battlezone 2000, etc.

    It has a great game called Blue Lightning that is similar to Sega’s Afterburner.

    If you like puzzler games, check out Shanghai, Chip’s Challenge, and Crystal Mines.

  14. says:

    cheers for the reply, i’ll look into it 🙂

    always wanted one but then it was always a very expencive thing.

  15. says:

    Thanks so much for making this great emulator. I’ve never played Lynx games before, they’re a lot fun on the Dingoo 🙂

    One problem I noticed with only one game: When I play Viking Child, the screen flashes from time to time during gameplay. Sound in the title screen seems out of sync. But this might just be the game, I have no way of telling, because I’m new to Lynx games.

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    We want port Atari800 , one from the best 8-bit computer.

  17. says:

    When i try to load another game it stalls my dingoo i have to reset tryed changing firmware back to manufacturer but same problem

  18. says:

    A second, newer beta has just been posted by the developer:

  19. says:

    From the original announcement on another Dingoo board:

    First beta can be found here:

    Place LynGOO.SIM together with lynxboot.img in your GAME folder and have fun with some LNX files!

    This version still contains several glitches and load/save state is not implemented yet. You will have to google lynxboot.img as I’m not allowed to bundle it with the emulator.

    So you put LynGOO.SIM in \GAMES, along with a good copy of the Lynx Boot ROM. And where do you find this lynxboot.img file? See the quote above.

    The Lynx ROMs must be unzipped, and have a file extension of ‘.lnx’

    Go to “Interesting game” and browse to your LNX ROMs. Click on one and it will launch! Very easy.

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    I’ve had near perfect emulation for a lot of the games for this emulator. However, I had trouble getting it started at first. (Forgot to include the BIOS image for the Lynx).

  21. says:

    Where do you get the bios image and where do you put it?

  22. says:

    Just google lynxboot.img and you will find the sites to download it

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